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The company was founded by Jim and Thea Duivestein and has since been passed on to their sons Ruud and Paul Duivestein. Over the years, Duivestein has specialized in industrial automation techniques.


Duivestein Techniek Oss BV is an internationally operating company that has been developing and manufacturing industrial automation systems for the most diverse machine tools in various sectors since 1982. More specifically, Duivestein builds plate warehouses, stacking and feeding machines, return systems, pick and place units, robotisation, palletisation and positioning systems for, among others, the wood, metal, composite, steel and plastics industries.


Duivestein's solutions are flexible as standard, but also 'custom-made' if necessary. "After all, we are always looking for the most suitable electromechanical automation with, which you can significantly reduce your production costs and generate a higher end quality with higher production."

From name to brand

Duivestein Techniek Oss BV has built up an international reputation since its foundation in 1982. From 2021, Duivestein® is registered in the trademark register and has international trademark rights. Duivestein Techniek Oss BV therefore continues as Duivestein®. To give the brand more power, Ruud and Paul Duivestein have chosen to give the corporate identity, logo and website a new impulse.


In our vision, the customer's wishes come first. With a no-nonsense approach and years of knowledge and experience in your industry, we know better than anyone how to optimize your business processes. In order to guarantee quality, everything takes place in-house, from design to manufacturing and assembly. In this way we maintain total control over the production process and the latest developments are included in the design of a machine.