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A perfect machine for climbing and descending.

RP3-T Stapelautomaat

The RP3-T stacker is an automatic stacker that can stack, feed or buffer workpieces coming from a production machine. The workpieces can be stacked on pallets or beams. The workpieces can be adjusted in height and width as desired.

Operation of the RP3-T Stacking Machine

The RP3-T stacker is a perfect machine for raising and lowering. The slats are prepared on the conveyor belt at the desired distance during the positioning. From the transport, the slats are placed on the floor parts with a clamping system. After this, the second handling head will lift the floor parts for further processing.


  • Stacking and insertion of planks and beams

  • Speed of up to 5 actions per minute with a weight of up to 25 kg

  • Maximum handling weight is 50 kg

Investment in an RP3-T stacker

The RP3-T stacking machine has been developed with the idea of achieving a return for you as quickly as possible. The payback period of an RP3-T stacking machine is approximately one year. The additional advantage is that the machine is easy to install and program. Furthermore, the programming system is designed in such a way that it can be operated without any prior training. The competitive price and ease of use make it possible for everyone to automate the production process.

Advantages of an RP3-T Stacker

  • Low investment

  • Fast payback period

  • Improvement of working conditions

  • Low maintenance

  • Can be used immediately

  • Cost saving

  • Simplification of the production process

  • From two to one man operation

Where the RP3-T Stacking Machine can be used

  • Four-sided planer
  • Cut-Off saw
  • Pallet line
  • Stamping machine
  • Casing machine
  • Packing line
  • Wide belt sander
  • Finger jointing machine