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Feeding workpieces at high speed.

RD Feeding System

The RD input system is specially designed for high-speed feeding of workpieces into, for example, a planer, casing machine or profiling machine.


This RD infeed system is specially made to measure, this machine is only used if the standard DB infeed roller and DB pusher cannot be used.


  • Insertion of planks and beams
  • High speed feeding

Advantages of the RD input system

  • Low investment

  • Fast payback period

  • Improvement of working conditions

  • Low maintenance

  • Can be used immediately

  • Cost saving

  • Simplification of the production process

  • From two to one man operation

Examples where the RD input system can be used

  • Four-sided planer
  • Profiling machine
  • Edge bander
  • Casing machine