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returning beams or planks

BJ Beams 3000 returnsystem

The BJ return system has been developed to transport beams or planks from, for example, a four-sided planer back to the operator. The transport system consists of various components that are linked together to form a whole. The BJ return system is available in left and right version.


  • Return of planks and beams
  • Workpieces up to a length of 3.000 mm

Advantages of the BJ Beams return system

  • Low investment

  • Fast payback period

  • Improvement of working conditions

  • Low maintenance

  • Can be used immediately

  • Cost saving

  • Simplification of the production process

  • From two to one man operation

BJ Beam return system can be placed behind

  • Four-sided planer
  • Profiling machine
  • Paint line