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Specially developed for heavy plate material with plate storage on a storey floor

RG-SV Flat Storage System

The RG-SV Flat Storage System has been developed for the plate processing industry. What the RG-SV  Flat Storage System differs from the other RG record warehouses is that the storage takes place on a storey floor. Because the storage is located on a storey floor, the processing machines can be supplied directly under the plate warehouse for further processing. All data on the material is stored by the warehouse software DSS software (Duivestein Storage System), e.g. color, size, quality, weight.

The layout of the warehouse is completely free to be determined by the DSS software developed in-house. The warehouse software can also be integrated on a server. All data is then connected to a network. The RG-SV  Flat Storage System can also be used for the input and/or output of 1 or more processing machines. The RG-SV  Flat Storage System can be equipped with 2 or 3 axes, is available in a double shear version and is available in various sizes and designs.


Material to be recorded

  • Workpiece weight: 1000 kg max.
  • Chaotic stack positions
  • Standard stack height 2000 mm
  • Plate length minimum 1500 mm
  • Plate width at least 800 mm
  • Materials non-permeable to air, such as particle board coated, HPL and plywood
  • Materials permeable to air, such as MDF, chipboard raw